Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Being//Becoming//Being Being//Becoming//Being  Being//Becoming//Being  Being//Becoming//Being

EEL Gallery, 1 Spadina Crescent

August 8-August 22
Opening Reception August 8, 6-8pm

Transformation is a condition that shapes many areas of perception. From the
movements of culture to transitions in the natural world, we observe a constant state of
flux. Being//Becoming//Being explores processes that occur over time, and how these
become integrated into lived experience. It also takes into consideration the effects that
modalities of change have on the production of art. How can the transformation of a
work of art reflect broader cultural operations? How does a ‘temporary’ artwork
challenge the notions of aura and value (existentially or economically)? On the other
hand, how does the ephemeral nature of art initiate the desire for archive and

The exhibition presents a selection of artworks created by students at the University of
Toronto. It is the first in a new series of student curated exhibitions to be held at the EEL
gallery in 1 Spadina Crescent.
Work by
Ellen Chang
Q Michael Chen
Michelle Haines
Corrie Jackson
Konstantine PolyzoisSherry Pom
Andrew Rutherdale
Ellyn Walker
Rachel Yoes

Curated by Katherine Hong and Andrew Rutherdale